Scope of Services

Ongoing maintenance of residential pools makes up the core of our business.  We work with you to determine service needs based on a variety of factors, including weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service, to perform the tasks needed to keep your pool in top working order.

Pool system components installation or service.  Pool system components such as pumps, heaters, automatic controllers, chemical feeding systems, chlorine generators, automatic pool covers, and Loop-Loc winter covers can be installed or serviced.

Renovation Services.  We also provide complete renovation services, including tile, coping, and deck replacement, re-plastering of the pool surface, caulking, leak detection, and re-plumbing. In short, there is nothing in the pool universe that is beyond our capabilities.

Winter Pool Inspections.  We visit the pool monthly from December through March to monitor proper water and chemical levels, remove debris from the cover and check the pool pumps.

Spring Openings.  Capitol Pool Service, Inc. will remove debris off of and, stow the winter cover, if applicable, vacuum the pool, clean the tile and coping, hose the deck and add the necessary chemicals to get the pool started. We will also check the pool equipment and inform the customer of any problems we notice.

Fall Closings.  We clean the pool, blow out all pool pipes, add the winter chemicals, lower water to the winter level and install the winter cover, if applicable.

In addition, we offer regularly scheduled service and restoration to commercial pools, therapeutic pools, spas and fountains.